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MSD LOGOThe three Rs have added a big E in Metropolitan School District of Wabash County. Elearning is here! The Department of Education is working closely with MSD of Wabash County to advance electronic learning opportunities for our digital native youth, kids who only know the world with computers and smart phones.  The “E-Days” structure forged in collaboration with educational innovators from IDOE’s e-learning division will provide students and teachers valuable experience in the rapidly emerging e-learning realm.  Our school staffs will create, deliver, assess and document e-learning instruction on four school days during the school year. These experiences are essential because most universities and a great many employers already use e-learning extensively.

Our eLearning Days will count as real school days which will spare the district the additional cost of teacher training days. Teachers, cooks, bus drivers, custodians, paraprofessionals and administrators will be involved in training to continue to meet the ever changing expectations of education. Without these eLearning days, the district could not afford to hold professional development days for staff.

What will these days look like for students? Students will be at home or at childcare and will access their learning through their iPad or laptop. Teachers will work ahead and put their assignments online. Teachers will be available for student questions online.

We are aware not all students have Internet access at home. While assignments may require Internet access, students will not be penalized if they are unable to get on-line.  If you do not have Internet access we hope you will consider the library, McDonalds, Modocs, Honeywell Center, the Y, etc.  Also, each school will be open for family access for the Internet. In other words, you may come to the school with your student to use our Wi-fi. Dropping off your students during the day without adult supervision will not be allowed.

Take a look at today’s new one-room schoolhouse.  Our students can help one another (as in those one-room schools) and connect locally and globally to solve problems. Online learning gives our students more control over their learning process. Online learning engages our students in their learning. Online learning catapults students into the 21st century.  

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