2012 Classroom Innovation Grant

2012 Classroom Innovation Grant Summary

Too often in education, we hear the words, "In my day we didn't have all this technology and I turned out fine."  It is not "the day" of our older community members, nor even "the day" of our staff.  It is our students' day.

Lifelong learners
The key to our success is in preparing and supporting our teachers in the transformation from traditional
instruction to 21st century learning.  As with any district, our teachers range from beginners to advanced users of technology.  With our 2010/2011 Classroom Innovation grant and the 2012 extension, we are working to move every teacher to a higher tier of the SAMR model.  It was exciting to receive the Classroom Innovation grants to expand the professional learning opportunities necessary to succeed.


  • Effectively infuse technology to increase student learning and engagement.

Strategies to support goal

  • Provide 1:1 environment.
  • Provide professional development.


  • Propel a shift in culture through teachers learning to effectively infuse technology.

Strategies to support goal

  • Coupling summer academy for teachers and 21st Century Learning coaches, teachers will become skillful infusing technology in
    • Instruction
    • Assessment
    • Collaborative projects
    • Real-world applications
    • Real-world experts
  • During summer academy, teachers will be self-selecting their areas of support.  The list incoludes Moodle, Edmodo, Web 2.0, digital curriculum development, new learning strategies (i.e. flipped classrooms.)
  • Our learning coaches will provide ongoing support, allowing staff to be empowered to self-support.
  • Our teachers will partner with other districts to share digital resources and techniques.
  • Our teachers will share podcasts with our district to bolster our efforts with the flipped classroom model.

SAMR Model at a Glance

 Technology can be infused in varying degrees.  

  • Substitution
  • Augmentation
  • Modification
  • Redefinition

is the most basic form - and the least effective.

is the most effective form of infusion.