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Credit Alternative Recovery Program

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As a credit recovery program, we are devoted to providing a 7th through 12th grade alternative education for youth across the state of Indiana.

Founded in 2014, the CAR Program has already helped over 200 students earn their high school diploma. As a public high school there is no cost for a student to participate in our program. We aim to maximize the potential of all students by establishing a learning environment that supports resiliency, flexibility, self-advocacy, and a passion for life-long learning. Our calling is to assist the academic, social, and emotional growth of students who have been unsuccessful in a traditional school setting.

The CAR Program is overseen by licensed, highly qualified teachers who monitor student progress on a daily basis. Students have the ability to communicate with school staff throughout the day, evening, and weekend hours, in order to receive the academic and emotional support needed to provide them with every opportunity to be successful. Teachers offer instruction and support through a variety of modalities such as emails, texts, video calls, and face-to-face.

Through the CAR Program, students have the opportunity to pursue an Academic Honors, Technical Honors, Core 40, or General Diploma. Students are provided with a standard public school curriculum based on the Indiana State Standards through the online program Edmentum, an industry leader in secondary instructional solutions. Online courses make it possible to accommodate various learning styles and needs.

We Specialize in Serving Students Who...

  • Are behind on credits for graduation
  • Have experienced academic or behavioral difficulties in the traditional school setting
  • Have been suspended or expelled
  • Have mental/emotional health concerns
  • Have physical health concerns
  • Have legal/probation trouble
  • Are parents or expectant parents

Enrolling in CAR

Becoming a CAR student is an easy process!  

1. To begin, start by filling out the Enrollment Form below. If you're not quite ready to enroll, but would like more information, please complete the More Information form and a staff member will be in touch soon.

2. Once we receive the student's application, our guidance department will contact their previous school to request school records.

3. As soon as we receive school records and have an opportunity to review the student's current educational status, our Transition Coordinator will reach out to the student's guardians to schedule an enrollment meeting. Enrollment meetings are scheduled in person, via phone, or virtually depending upon the family's needs and location.

4. At the enrollment meeting, the student and their guardians have an opportunity to learn how our program works and ask any questions they might have to ensure the student experiences a smooth transition to the CAR Program.

Student Services

Special Education

Special Education Services will be provided for those students who qualify for an IEP. School case conferences will be held with the student and guardians to determine how best to meet each student’s needs.

Mental and Social/Emotional Support

A partnership with the Bowen Center provides qualifying students with support in the form of counselors, skills coaches, and medical professionals to assist students in the areas of mental health, social/emotional learning, and overall physical well-being.