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In these days of open enrollment, we recognize you have options in where your child receives their education. MSD of Wabash County aims to provide the best foundation throughout the entire journey of a student's education. We see each step as vital in preparing the student for the future of their choice. Whether it's through our state-recognized quality programs, area-leading graduation rates, or post-graduation success, let us show you how MSD schools excel throughout this journey!


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MSDWC offers two of the best pre-kindergarten programs in Wabash County! Designed for children age 4 by August 1st of the school year, Little Norse and Little Knights are the beginning of the MSDWC educational journey. Both Littles Preschools offer the highest quality of education and care while being one of the most cost-efficient. At only $17 per day, the cost really can't be beaten!

The Little Norse and Little Knights program allows preschoolers to learn about their world in a developmentally-appropriate way that best prepares them for kindergarten and beyond. Our Littles staff collaborates closely with kindergarten to align curriculum and to ensure the strongest foundations are built. As a Little, your child will build relationships with their future teachers and prepare them for a successful transition into kindergarten.

While we could go on and on about the outstanding aspects of these programs, let's highlight just a few.

Paths to Quality Level 3

Paths to Quaity is a statewide rating system that regulates child care and early education programs. To qualify as a Level 3 program, a preschool must meet the highest of standards in areas of curriculum, educational opportunities, safety and cleanliness, and training of teachers and staff. 

Licensed Teachers

Every Littles teacher is a fully licensed teacher with an education degree. This ensures your child is being taught by those who have been extensively trained to work with young children. 

On My Way Pre K

Both Littles Preschools are part of the On My Way Pre-K program. This state-funded program provides grants to families that qualify to help pay for quality preschool.

Benefits from Elementary Setting

Sending your child to a preschool housed in an elementary school offers many benefits. Our Littles participate in special classes such as Art, Music, and PE. They also have access to the school nurse, bus transportation, and lunch program. On top of all that, they become familiar with the building and environment a year prior to elementary, making the transition to kindergarten smoother!

Connect to Our Preschools

Elementary Header
MSD has three outstanding elementary schools. On the south side of the county, students in preschool through 6th grade attend Southwood Elementary. On the northside of the county, preschool through 3rd grade attends Metro North Elementary, while 4th grade through 6th grade attends Sharp Creek Elementary.

Although each school has its own culture and strengths, you will find a shared philosophy that the child comes first. Our elementary teachers believe creating a caring and nurturing environment where a child feels safe and comfortable is the best way to foster learning. MSDWC elementary schools will treat your child like their own child!

Our teachers strive for the best in educational strategy and instruction and are always working to polish their craft. Keeping guardians connected to their child's education is a high priority, as well as creating a family-friendly community within the schools.

Only 'A' Rated Public Schools in Wabash County

Metro North and Sharp Creek are the only public schools in all of Wabash County to receive the outstanding recognition of an 'A' Rating from the Indiana Department of Education.

Focus on STEAM Learning

A strong focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) is implemented in all elementary schools. Students are taught the basics of computer coding, given the chance to participate in after-school STEAM clubs or participate on the robotics teams.

Project Lead The Way

Project Lead the Way is a problem-based method of learning by inquiry. It helps students connect the content of their lessons to real-world scenarios. PLTW is integrated throughout our elementary curriculum which helps connect the various subject matters to each other. This method also helps empower students to develop in-demand skills to pursue rewarding careers, and solve important challenges.

Abundant Extracurriculars

Participating in activities outside of the classroom is an important experience even for elementary students. Our elementary schools offer many opportunities for students beginning at various grade levels. Among these extracurriculars are Robotics, Battle of the Books, Spell Bowl, Math Bowl, STEAM Club, K-Kids, Band, Choir, Art Club, and Newspaper & Accouncements. Five athletic teams are also available for 5th and 6th graders including Basketball, Cross Country, Track & Field, Volleyball, and Wrestling.

Sharp Creek Honored by IDOE as Family Friendly School

In 2020, Sharp Creek Elementary was recognized by the Indiana Department of Education as a Family Friendly School. This honor has only been given to 10 schools across the state, including Northfield High School.

World Championship Qualifying Robotics Program

In the past four years, our elementary robotics teams have grown quickly into a highly competitive tradition, qualifying for the World Championship twice!

Connect to Our Elementaries

Jr. High Header
Students in 7th and 8th grade participate in our junior high schools. The transition out of elementary can be challenging for any student. By waiting until the 7th grade to make this important shift, students are given extra time in the elementary school to prepare for the structure and social changes of the next phase. The transition from 8th grade to 9th grade can also be a challenging shift. The junior high structure helps ease this transition as well. Students enter high school already familiar with the building and many of their teachers.

Explore Various Areas of Learning 

Junior High is a great time to explore areas outside of the basic subject matters. MSD junior highers are introduced to various subjects like Art, World Languages & Cultures, Music, Industrial Arts, Business, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Agriculture. Trying a little bit of all these areas helps students discover passions, and directs them towards future areas of study.

Extracurricular Opportunities

Extracurricular activities offer junior high students the great opportunity of working within a team or individually. Junior High Norse and Knights can compete among 11 sports teams. Students can also compete through choir and band opportunities, or on the robotics team. Many clubs are also available for students including Campus Life, FFA, and Japanese Anime.

Connect to Our Junior Highs

High School Header
With a high school at each side of the county, and an online alternative program, MSDWC is fortunate to serve students from not only the greater Wabash County area, but across the state of Indiana as well.

Among our two traditional high schools are Southwood High School, located on the southside of Wabash County, and Northfield, located on the northside of the county. Southwood and Northfield lead the way in academic strength, athletic success, and out-of-classroom opportunities. Both schools offer small class sizes for more individualized attention in the classroom and opportunities for extracurricular participation.

Southwood & Northfield Among America's Best High School

Southwood and Northfield were both recently recognized as being among America's Best High Schools by U.S. News & World Report, as well as Great Schools 2019 College Success Award recipients.

Northfield IDOE Family Friendly School

Northfield was recognized in 2020 by the Indiana Department of Education as a Family Friendly School. This honor has only been given to 10 schools across the state, including Sharp Creek Elementary.

AP, Dual Credit & College Courses

We currently offer nine Advanced Placement courses through an affiliation with the University of Notre Dame through a program called AP TIP-IN. This program offers cash incentives to students for success in AP exams. Our teachers work with their nationally certified teachers throughout the year for training.

Multiple dual credit classes are also offered in partnership with schools like Indiana University, Purdue Fort Wayne, and Ivy Tech. Additionally, students are given the opportunity to dually enroll in classes at local universities such as Indiana Wesleyan, Huntington, IUK, and Ivy Tech.

Heartland Career Center

MSD works in collaboration with Heartland Career Center. With over 16 programs available, Heartland helps prepare Southwood and Northfield students for success in a variety of career fields. MSD juniors and seniors who choose to participate attend Heartland for half their school day at no additional cost.

Professional Internship Program

A distinctive offering of MSDWC is our Professional Internship program. Academically successful seniors can intern for half their school day with local businesses in the area of their desired profession. While helping the student decipher if this is the career path to pursue, it also helps connect them to the Wabash County workforce, developing pathways for future employment connections.

Tradition of Athletic Success

Success is no stranger among the MSD athletic teams. Over the last ten years alone, the Southwood Knights have won the TRC 19 times, along with winning 16 Sectionals, 7 Regionals, and 2 Semi-States. The Northfield Norsemen have also faired well in the past decade with 16 TRC championships, and winning 10 Sectionals, 5 Regionals, 2 Semi-States, and one State Championship.

Organizations & Clubs

A benefit of attending a high school like Northfield or Southwood is the ability to actively participate in many organizations and clubs. Among the plethora of organizations, students can choose are Art Club, Choir, Band, Jazz Band, Robotics, Clay Shooting League, Campus Life, Student Council, Drama Club, Key Club, FFA, National Honor Society, Peers Educating Peers, Astronomy Club, Japanese Anime and Marketing & Yearbook.

Credit Recovery Program

MSDWC's Credit Alternative Recovery (CAR) Program offers students who have struggled to find success in the traditional classroom the opportunity to earn their diploma through an online-based education. Through individualized education plans and student/teacher accountability, the CAR Program stands out in successfully helping students from all over Indiana make it to graduation. All teachers are fully licensed, including Special Education teachers. A connection with the Bowen Center also offers opportunities for social-emotional assistance. 

Connect to Our High Schools

 Beyond Header
A fulfilled education does not end with the turn of the tassel. MSD aims to prepare students for success even beyond graduation. The rigor and structure of our academics, combined with the opportunities outside of the traditional classroom, have proven to be an effective method for enabling students to discover their passions while equipping them to succeed at fulfilling those dreams.

Highest Graduation Rates in Wabash County

Since 2016-2017, Southwood and Northfield have led Wabash County every year in graduation rates. They also have the highest average graduation rate over the past six years. Most recently, Northfield had the highest graduation rate in Wabash County at 98.4%. Southwood followed closely behind in second place at 97.2%. This success doesn't happen just by chance. Administrators and teachers diligently work together to ensure that no student falls through the cracks on their journey to graduation.

College Success of MSD Graduates

According to the Commission for Higher Education, MSD schools lead the Wabash area for producing students that succeed during their freshman year of college. In 2018, 67% of both Northfield and Southwood graduates earned at least a 3.0 GPA during this critical year of college. Only 41% of other area schools perform as highly as these MSD students.

Career Paths of MSD Alumni

As our graduates have dreamed big and worked hard, their MSDWC education has launched them into all sorts of career paths. Our graduates have become doctors, lawyers, business owners, professors, military leaders, skilled technicians, and so much more. Our guidance counselors work diligently with students to guide and prepare them for the future they desire.

Bonus Header
Not convinced quite yet? Here are a few additional ways MSD stands out!

47% of Teachers with Master's Degrees

Not only are all our educators fully licensed, but 47% have pursued their own education further and received their Master's Degree. 

One-to-One Devices

MSD is a one-to-one district, which means we provide an electronic device for every student. Beginning Fall 2020, our students will each have an iPad.

Special Education Services

Special Education services are provided through Wabash-Miami Area Program. Services offered through this cooperative include School Psychologists, Blind or Low Vision Teachers, Deaf or Hard of Hearing Teachers, Speech and Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy.

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Are you ready to begin the MSD journey? The enrollment process is easy and we're here to help you through every step. Would you like to explore more before making a decision? No problem, we'd love to answer your questions! We can even arrange for you to tour the schools and meet with administrators or teachers. Whatever you need to make this important decision, we are happy to provide! Click below to get started!