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4th Grade Teacher
840 E St. Rd. 124 Wabash IN 46992
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When I contemplate why I venture to school each morning, I relive the moments that pass reflecting on how to improve for the next day, the next week, the next year, the next generation. We all hear time and again of how the necessity to prepare students for a future of obstacles unimagined is upon us. We currently live in a time of insurmountable odds encompassed with complications filled with more than teaching subject matter. We must be that friend, that counselor, that parent, that listener, that mediator, you name it, whatever it is that students are missing in their lives. So even though I trudge through teaching each lesson that will be on that test, I know what matters more to our students is that we have the time, we have the love, and we have the deepest affection and admiration to provide because we know that if a human's basic needs--no matter what age--are not met, he/she cannot even fathom trying to learn verb conjugation, text features, quadratic equations, bones of the body, or why the Revolutionary War even occurred. So I come to school every day to be that one thing, that one person, that one smile that may have an affect on just one student because if I've touched even just one person in a positive way, it will be paid forward, and I will know I've begun to fulfill my purpose here when its made its way back to me.


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